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Unit 3: British Social Study: How much has British Society changed 1900-Today?

Focus 1: Women

Lesson 1: Women 1900-1939

   Lesson 2: Women 1939-1975

Sources for task 1

How much

change worksheet

  Lesson 3: Women 1975 - Today

Focus 2: teenagers

Lesson 4: Children in the war years

Sources for tasks

   Lesson 5: Teenagers 1950s

Highlight Task

   Lesson 6: Teenagers 1960s

Adverts Task

   Lesson 7: Teenagers 1970 onwards: Mods, Rockers & Teddy Boys


Angry Teens Task

Focus 3: Creation of the Welfare State

   Lesson 8: How poor was Britain in 1900?

   Lesson 9: What were the Liberal Reforms?


How effective sheet


Extra National Ins. info

   Lesson 10: How did Britain become a welfare state

   Lesson 11: What was the role of the NHS?

Focus 4: Immigration - Race, Riots & Protest

   Lesson 12: Who emigrated and why?

Windrush Sources

Blank Map

   Lesson 13: What was the experience of the immigrants in Britain?

   Lesson 14: How did the British people react to the immigrants?

   Lesson 15: What was the Political response to the immigrants?

Extracts of Rivers

of Blood Speech

   Lesson 16: What impact did Immigrants have on Britain?

   Lesson 17: Race Riots & Protest - was Britain broken?

Social Study

Knowlege Organiser

Focus 5: How has education in Britain changed in the 20th Century?

   Lesson 18: What has education looked like across the century?

Photographs within this lesson used from local historian Bryan Howling's history of Terrington school. Greatly appreciated.

KEY WWW. Our Migration Story: The story of immigration to Britain from Romans to Today

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